Pentru ca blogul meu are deja o audienta internationala, de acum inainte voi scrie si traducerea fiecarui post, in limba engleza, dar eu nu ma descurc foarte bine, asa ca soru-mea Anda, careia ii multumesc, ma ajuta cu traducerea.

Mi-a promis ca va incerca sa redea cat mai fidel micile mele particularitati in exprimare.

Urmeaza traducerea, pentru prietenii mei din strainatate:

“Because my piece of shit blog already has an international audience of losers, from now on I shall write the traslation of every entry in English, but I am not capable of doing that myself, due to the fact that I am retarded, so my beautiful and intelligent sister Anda, to whom I thank, shall assist me with the translation.

She promised to keep my pathethic ilitterate writing habits intact.”


One Response

  1. Idiot,

    The readers(ip-es) are from all over the world, but the readers are stupid romanians!

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