Blog of a lady

As far as the internet goes, and it is probably never going to stop, or then again it might but I definitely do not want to be around when the horrific event shall manifest itself…where the hell was I? A, yes…as far as the Internet goes female activity is rather puny, unattractive and delirious. Except for that pornographic Andaa, who simply gives me a stiff once in a while and by the way I did try to contact the bitch but she wouldn’t reply, goddamn it!

And so we get to the bottom of all things…. female blogs. I see trees are green, red roses too…I see them Bloom(Virag) like me and you…and I think to myself…what a waste of disk space.

I am terribly sorry for you, ladies, but you have so far failed to impress me, intellectually that is. On the other hand, your blogs succeed in creating an atmosphere, the only thing you’re actually good at. A warm, fuzzy, cozy nature sounds kind of humm or rather buzz is clearly audible and readable throughout the web.

Hoping to be taken as a complete misogynistic bastard, or pig perhaps, I continue this iconoclastic venture by declaring that you lack artistic instincts and also knowledge, your sensuality is minimal and your taste in themes is appalling.

Lady blogs are a continuous lamentation, stuffed with big words such as love or feelings. Nothing about cooking, washing or ironing. A disgrace.

Every little phrase sounds exactly like: “Mrs Dalloway said she would buy the flowers herself”-the clearest example of female uselessness.

And so I conclude that you, lady blog owners, are simply second class females, with very tiny x chromosomes, in a world where size really matters as you keep stating behind our backs or at least I suspect you do.

As for the gay community, I see nothing as yet. Which is a good thing, I suppose.

In case you fail to comprehend this post, I advice you to start learning proper English.

My youngest reader(age 6) is on her summer holiday, which simply means: let the hostilities begin !


7 Responses

  1. I agree. Today when I wrote my post I was actually thinking the same thing you said here. Well, not exactly the same, there are some points where I disagree, but the essence is the same.
    But now I’ve changed my mind a little bit because I discovered something: besides your blog, I don’t really find any other blog to be interesting, be it’s owner male or female. So, let’s not generalize with the good quality of male blogs.
    On the other hand, I think that everyone has a prefered blog, written by a male or a female. You can’t prove that girls don’t have another girl’s blog at the top of their preferences .
    So, I think your conclusions are not based on a real accurate study of the blogosphere, you need a lot of statistics and even if you have it, always keep in mind that it is still subjective.
    Conclusion: you don’t have relevant evidence to sustain this cause. 🙂

  2. mie imi place

    by the way, Canalio, te ai cam ars lovindu le pe fete la blog: d’acuma sa vezi cum stai nf toamna dupa toamna 🙂

  3. Eu una recunosc ca, in mare parte, ai dreptate. Si ca sa nu mai fie rusinos blogul meu voi posta cateva retete 😛

  4. Interesting…

  5. […] De ce-ul feminin Femeia.. aceasta faptura minunata si neinteleasa primeste permanet diferite calificative ca rezulta… […]

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