Canalia y el conejo deprimido

The rabbit is indeed a very useful animal, in most situations, except when it’s alive. But this is not the kind of rabbits (or wabbits) I choose to talk about today.

Canalia shall entreat you to the world of depressed bunnies, an adventurous category of bunnies, who delight themselfs with such activities as sobbing, weeping and feeling depressed. Beware, this is the most dangerous category of wabbits, capable of biting, fighting, scratching, and other unspeakable torments.

The appearance of said bunnies is indeed deceiving, blue eyes are not rare among them, clear yet gloomy, slight vein consistency failures reported previously by other wabbitologists. Fluffy tail-ever so fluffy, jumping up and down with apparent joy not uncommon, sudden bursts of normality rare but deceivingly short.

Evidently, the whole thing is a scam intended to fool everyone sane and sound, even Canalia, although some medical records have proved the contrary, in his case. For, my dearest readers, these wabbits are depressed, reasons far too dark and… well, deep, to be comprehended by mere mortals. Such as you.

Fear not, though, for Canalia has not slacked his superhero ambitions. Presumably, he has been training in absolute secrecy and training clothes, known to average Romanians as “trening”.

First measure taken: inserting this video. Results pending.


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