M-am gandit mult la poezia El-Zorab, pe care o citeam cand eram mic, impreuna cu alte poezii patriotice scrise de Cosbuc.

Insa abia recent am inteles mai bine ce s-a intamplat de fapt in poezia respectiva. Un caz rar.

Pe scurt:

La pasa vine un arab. Cu un cal de vanzare. Salaam! Salaam! (nu de cal, asa se saluta ei).

Arabul promoveaza calul, dar in gand. Se gandeste cat de tare e El-Zorab, cat de frumos etc. Probabil incercand sa-i comunice telepatic pasei avantajele produsului pe care incerca sa-l comercializeze.

Pasa zice: misto cal, sa n-am parte. O mie de techini e bine?

Arabul insfaca punga cu techinii, considerandu-se norocos. Vai, ce pret bun am luat pe el. Face doi pasi, in timp ce reconsidera beneficiile pe care i le aducea calul. Are o epifanie. Vrea calul inapoi, propunandu-i pasei sa-i returneze banii. Pasa il ameninta ca-l da in judecata, apoi isi aduce aminte ca el e judecatorul suprem si il ameninta ca-l elimina.

Arabul il asasineaza pe El-Zorab. Sfarsit.

Secolul XX-XXI.

La americani vine un arab. Ia uite, fratioare, ce petrol misto am!

Cat iti dau pe el, barosane?!

Da-mi de niste tancuri, de niste rachete si de restul grenade de mana.

Arabul reanalizeaza beneficiile petrolului. Considera ca americanii il fura.

Americanii zic: mars de-aici, te-mpusc etc.

Arabii darama World Trade Center. Asa mai merge.


4 Responses

  1. i say, shall we reconvene at base to supper, my good man ? or pillage and eat out way at the site tonight ?
    : )

  2. I say, we ought to give the Indian another shot. I second your motion to reconvene. Provisions abundant, though bread shortages observed-easily manageable.

    Any specific food requirements to be considered during my march home? Pillage of Angst possible, if pertinent.

    Fashionably late arrival recommended, I presume. Pirate costume ready? Parrot called in sick, must be replaced by your highness.

  3. i say, that parrot must be shot. he is nothing but waste of curry and space in her majesty’s army.

    indian kept on for further abuse and food preparations.
    carry on !

  4. Reporting:

    Parrot shot, last words: “Wanna cracker”.

    Indian sistematically abused, Paprika absent, presumably defected.

    Tight grip on both regiments as scrapes served, men on them as flies on feces.

    Tiger manifested huge scandal last night, over “thorn in paw” situation.

    Sergeant Vindaloo dispatched al local deli, mission Chopped Liver.

    Low in onions, high on weed.

    Curry on!

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