Turkey for US!

There was an attack against the American Consulate in Istanbul. Six people died, according to CNN.

As the leaders of the G8 agreed today during the Hokkaido Summit, “Conflict, oppression, and poverty do not excuse or justify terrorism“.

So, if United States invaded Zimbabwe and the poor people of Zimbabwe started throwing rocks, Molotov cocktails and maybe detonated home-made bombs, the Americans would say: “That is terrorism!”.

I would like to remind the Americans that when you don’t have the money to buy Merkhaba tanks you tend to detonate cheap home-made bombs.

A poor, opressed nation will generally fight back with such means. Suicide bombings, car bombings and so on. To them, that is war. To the American boys sitting in A1 Abrams tanks, that is terrorism.

I believe that the G8 agreement is incomplete. It should be amended as follows: “Oil, wealth and having the biggest military on the planet also do not excuse or justify terrorism“.

Now back to the incident in Turkey.

I am sure it was planned and executed by those damned poor kurdish terrorists and has nothing to do with the fact that 22 Turkish generals (retired), journalists and opposition members have been arrested on Tuesday, July 7th.

I am also sure that Turkey, a NATO member and strategic US partener will condemn the attack and increase the bombing of the separatist kurds and maybe will deploy a new attack beyond the border with Iraq, subsequently diminishing the American war efforts in the region (which also happens to be very rich in oil).

And so, even if Turkish forces met any resistance from the poor opressed Kurds, the terrorists are still the Kurds.

Logic, common sense, and generally the same ideas the people who created the United States Constitution had back in 1776, prevent me from agreeing with the United States and their allies.


3 Responses

  1. Already updated. Incident deemed “terrorism” by ambassador Ross Wilson.

    “Our countries will stand together to confront this as we have confronted some other problems in the past,” he added.

    Of course.

  2. To be anti – American is in fashion nowadays…

  3. to have common sense is always fashionable

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