The bwownie

Oh, well… we made a bwownie. The Wabbit and I , that is. It all went splendidly well, at first. Measuring ingredients, melting the chocolate and butter. It worked like a dream. We went for a “half quantities” approach to bwowniedom. The pan had been nicely coated with butter, the mixture had developed a thick, pleasant texture and a wonderful bwown color.

And the oven had been properly pre-heated, of course. And once it was in, we both sighed with immense satisfaction. It was now only a question of time. Of course, I thought that for a “half quantities” bwownie, perhaps it would be wise to also have a “half time” in the oven. But that, as you will undoubtedly learn, was redundant.

It suddenly went horribly wrong. It expanded beyond the rims of the pan and it fell on the bottom of the oven. The Wabbit noticed it at first and she announced me with great anxiety. I went in. I scraped. The Wabbit tasted it and declared it absolutely wonderful, though with a slight aroma of chicken fat.

I inserted another pan, beneath the one in which the bwownie was now errupting like a small vulcano. It proved wise. The smell levels dropped and in about half an hour, we decided the bwownie was cooked.

And it was indeed a wonderful bwownie. Creamy, yet retaining a pleasant crunchiness, due to unmelted peanut butter. Quite sweet, maybe a little too sweet for my taste, but the Wabbit absolutely loved it and that’s all that matters now, isn’t it?

It was not bad for a first bwownie, i guess. And more importantly, I now know how to create the perfect peanut butter and chocolate chips bwownie. Live and learn.


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  1. ze belly still aches

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