George Bush Junior Junior

Mi-am facut testul politic. Ma asteptam sa ies fascist, dar se pare ca e si mai rau. Interventii militare pe tot globul, numai la asta ma gandesc.

You are a center-left social moderate.

My Political Views
I am a center-left social moderate
Left: 1.66, Authoritarian: 0.79

Political Spectrum Quiz

Foreign Policy:

On the left side are pacifists and anti-war activists. On the right side are those who want a strong military that intervenes around the world.

My Foreign Policy Views
Score: 4.61

Political Spectrum Quiz


La cultura era de asteptat. Conservator, conservator, conservator. Banuiesc ca am asigurat un loc in partidul Mogulului. Asta daca nu cumva sunt membru deja.

My Culture War Stance
Score: 1.53

Political Spectrum Quiz

2 Responses

  1. Aaarrgh, “You are a centrist social moderate.”!
    La mine icsuletul rosu e fix in mijloc! 🙂

  2. da, o canalie, ce mai!

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